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Moon Secure AV is an opensource antivirus currently using the clamav engine due to fast response time and huge AV database, however we are implementing another engine that is heuristic and will allow users to customize the engine on the fly. Unlike clam it has an enterprise level real-time scanner. It is built for windows and will run on XP and vista. It can scan portable drives and fixed drives. It is able to detect viruses, Trojans and spyware.

Our vision is to release an enterprise level antivirus, which can be used in any windows environment.

The aim is to provide a superior antivirus capable with competing with the market leaders and still at the same price, free!

We aim to be part of an opensource “suite” which will allow all users to still use the environment they are comfortable with but benefit from the terrific opensource community.

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You can download our software for free, support is provided via the forums and email.

Please be aware there has been a bug when installed on vista, to get round this you can disable UAC to make it work, we shall resolve the problem.

Download Moon Secure AV version from sourceforgedownload

Download Moon Secure AV version from sourceforge download

Download Moon Secure AV version from sourceforge download


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